I am a principal at Develogical, a software development consultancy based in London, UK. We specialise in agile software development practices, training, education and research.

I also teach at Imperial College and Oxford University, and am involved with the UK agile community.


robert at chatley dot com


I play the violin and I like cycling.

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Continuous Delivery Kickstart

We’re pleased to announce the first Continuous Delivery Kickstart, to be held in London on 30th Sept-1st Oct. Based on the successful format of the popular BDD Kickstart training courses, Continuous Delivery Kickstart is an intensive, hands-on training looking at various aspects of Continuous Delivery, and showing you how to combine practices and tools to set up a streamlined delivery pipeline.

Continuous delivery is all about making the process from idea conception to software running in production as smooth as possible. You can read more about the background in Jez Humble and Dave Farley’s excellent book, but to get some hands-on, practical experience of rapid iteration and automated, repeatable delivery, book a ticket for our course.

In the two day course, we’ll teach you everything you need to be off and running with continuous delivery. We’ll start with the fundamental principles continuous delivery, and how it fits into the wider world of agile. We’ll show you how integrate a set of tools to create a deployment pipeline allowing your code to flow smoothly though all the stages from development to production. Then we’ll investigate how having this pipeline allows us to deploy code in much smaller batch sizes, iterating more quickly. We’ll look at how automating the integration, test and release processes can change the way that a development team behaves, and the way we think about developing new features.

We’re keeping the group small to make sure that all participants get lots of contact time with the trainers, and to make sure that we have time to discuss applying continuous delivery in your particular context. That means that the number of tickets available is limited, so sign up early to make sure of your place.

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