I am a principal at Develogical, a software development consultancy based in London, UK. We specialise in agile software development practices, training, education and research.

I also teach at Imperial College and Oxford University, and am involved with the UK agile community.


robert at chatley dot com


I play the violin and I like cycling.

Recent Articles

Continuous Delivery Workshop in Amsterdam

Together with Ugly Duckling I’m going to be running a workshop on continuous delivery and continuous deployment in Amsterdam on September 15th. Details of the workshop, how to book etc, are here. The workshop is free to attend, but places are limited, so sign up now if you are interested in coming.

Release and deployment is often still a stressful part of software delivery. We still often see teams producing large releases and problems occurring at release time. Following the principle of “if it hurts, do it more often”, we aim to automate releases as much as possible, and to do them as often as possible.

Continuous delivery is all about making the process from idea conception to software running in production as smooth as possible. Continuous deployment is a hot topic in the startup community. It involves iterating very quickly, releasing many times per day, pushing every good build into production. This helps to get real feedback from users using our features in production, so we can really test whether the software we have produced is what the users want.

In this session we will look at some of the techniques that allow us to get to this point, and try them out in hands on exercises and simulations.

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